Assessment and Training Referral Guide for Northwestern Ontario Employment Ontario Service Delivery Partners


Lead: Literacy Northwest

Year: April 2012

Funders: Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities


The purpose of the guide/toolkit is to enhance successful outcomes for Employment Ontario (EO) clients.  This guide was created to give EO service providers some tools and information to

-          identify whether or not clients are academically prepared to reach their goals

-          make appropriate client referrals within the EO service delivery network and/or community at large.

The guide and tools are meant to supplement the other supports and tools that EO service providers provide and/or use with their clients. The guide and tools created by this project can be adapted for a specific agency/community. There are some tools that were gathered from other organizations and permission was granted for their use. The contact information and online links were active at the time of printing.

 Guide/Toolkit Contents:

-          Guide Overview

-          Employment Ontario Network

  • Apprenticeship
  • Employment Service
  • Literacy & Basic Skills
  • Wrap-Around Supports

-          Sample Employment Ontario Client Profiles

-          Step-by-Step Guide to the Toolkit

  • Referral Protocol Process
  • Common Referral Form
  • Initial Screening Tools

-          Regional Directory

-          Acronyms and Definitions


Assessment Training and Referral Guide for NWO / French version

Initial Screening Tool Essential Skills Checklist

Initial Screening Tool Lesa Guide

Initial Screening Tool Sensitive Language for a Sensitive Topic

NWO Common Referral Form / French version

NWO Referral Protocol Process / French version

Powerpoint Handouts for Assessment and Training Referral Guide / French version